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Board of Directors & President's Monthly Newsletter


  October, 2019, whew what a month and it appears November, 2019 will be just as crazy with all the happenings in our community of Gold Canyon. 

  ADOBE is respectfully asking all Gold Canyon citizens to get involved with what is happening in our community, because it is the citizens of Gold Canyon who are in charge of what the future of Gold Canyon is and becomes. There are people who don’t reside here who are trying to tell us what we should be, or what we should become. We are all smart enough to make these critical decisions about our lives, our beliefs and our opinions on our own.

  Please come to the ADOBE meetings, let your voice be heard, even if you are not a member. We welcome all members and nonmembers. See what we are all about. Let’s make it lucid, ADOBE is “The Voice of Gold Canyon since 1988”, not any other group, committee or entity. If you have a problem or issue you wish to address call an ADOBE member; we will act.

  With the Bypass signatures of nearly 2800 citizens (which were obtained within a few short weeks) it was made clear to the signature gathers, they – the signers - want Gold Canyon to be the quaint community it has always been, a destination community, not a pass-through. They don’t want a major highway with 6 lanes and a convoluted configuration of cement and asphalt running down the gut of our rural community with the resultant effect of horns, screeching wheels, crashes, and near misses. I say to all who drive our Gold Canyon roads, before pulling out on US 60, stop, look and listen – just like at a railroad track - because there is no assurance that the driver of that thundering vehicle coming down US 60, from your right or left is going to stop for that solid red light; none. How many of us have experienced this scenario? I as one – multiple times.

  On November 12, 2019 we are meeting with the Director of Transportation and his staff on the Bypass. Obviously, at this juncture we have no idea what we will be told. What we don’t want to hear is “We don’t have any money”, or “We have other plans for US 60.” We have been hearing that mantra for about two decades.
  There is a factor of want, but more importantly there is the factor of need. And we need the Bypass. After speaking to a high City of Apache Junction official some weeks ago who had a different idea about the Bypass, after we completed our communications, he stated: “You need a Bypass.” Yes Virginia, we do! 

  Our November ADOBE Meeting will be held on November 21, 2019 at the Gold Canyon Best Western. Social time starts at 6:15pm, and the meeting at 7pm. This month’s presentation will concern “A Short Flight Back in Time to World War II on the Sentimental Journey.” There were around 14,000, 731 B-17s built, and 8000 were shot down in battle. Come and hear Colonel Jim Evans – Retired, talk about the “Sentimental Journey”; what it was like to fly these missions, the guys who were part of it, their stories, and their emotions. Young and old will really learn a lot, and thoroughly enjoy this presentation, and walk away with a regenerated and perchance a new love for the men of the “Greatest Generation.”

  Also, look forward to seeing a few Gold Canyon World War II Veterans at our meeting. If we are lucky we may even hear a few make some comments on their experiences. 

  Wishing you a most Happy Thanksgiving - may we all be thankful for our many blessings.

  Glenn A. Walp

  ADOBE – “The Voice of Gold Canyon since 1988”