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Board of Directors & President's Monthly Newsletter

  “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”….Greek Statesman Pericles

  The founding (June, 1989) ADOBE Board of Directors, Rosemary Shearer (President), Arlene Seydel (Vice President), George E. Johnston (Vice President), Christiana Juck (Secretary/Treasurer), and member at large Steve Baldwin decided they needed an association to represent the citizens (nearly 300 at that time) of Gold Canyon. This representation was primarily formed to “keep local residents informed of future planning for the area”, with the goal of developing a better environment. This ADOBE standard of purpose has not changed and will not change. ADOBE (which means you) is in the forefront of the development plans for our area and will continue to be so into the 21st century. 

  Within the ensuring years as Gold Canyon developed - under the banner of the ADOBE purpose - new ADOBE Board Members faced fresh challenges. At one point (according to ADOBE Vice President Rick Hardina) someone noticed that Gold Canyon was only identified to passing motorists by a small AZ DOT sign that simply said Gold Canyon, and only if the motorist was traveling east to west on Route 60. The ADOBE Board (early 21st century) stated, “Let’s build a monument so people know who we are and what we are”. After many years of talking about a monument, around 2006 construction was in sight, but there was no land on which to place the monument. Then entered our ever popular and strong supporter County Supervisor Sandie Smith who fought for the land on which the Gold Canyon Monument now stands. Within this mix of activity is Gold Canyon’s own, Genevieve Bricker, President of ADOBE who was committed (an understatement) to getting the job done. And that she and others did within the course of a few more years. The monument was completed and dedicated in February, 2008. All monies to construct and maintain (to this day) the monument came from and continue to come from ADOBE funds received through membership fees and community donations. 

  Today the Gold Canyon Monument stands firm, strong and majestic - a constant reminder that buried deep into Gold Canyon earth is a history of strength, hard work, faith, and commitment. This character is skillfully exemplified by the monument with the working cowboy and his faithful horse catching a break, with the cowboy embracing a strong cup of uplifting cowhand coffee that was just brewed over a blazing mesquite fire. Indeed Pericles – the past of this rich land we now call Gold Canyon, its history and its people - as illustrated by the monument - is woven into the lives of everyone who resides, visits and enjoys this awesome land. Enjoy your 2023; saddle up and traverse Gold Canyon paths, take a break and perchance drink a cup of coffee, while at the same time relaxing within the tight embrace of the spectacular Superstition Mountains. Thank you for the monument ADOBE, ADOBE members and friends, and all other contributing agencies and individuals. The monument is a solid reminder from whence this area emerged, and maybe, just maybe, where we need to return, even if but in our memories.

  Glenn A. Walp
  ADOBE - “The Voice and Heart of Gold Canyon since 1989” 

Glen A. Walp, President