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Board of Directors & President's Monthly Newsletter

​Greetings ADOBE Members and Friends -

In these challenging times as we hunker down trying to avoid the V9 Plague, and conjunctively help stop the V9 in its tracks, it is, I propose, a time of human pondering. So much to contemplate as we see up close and personal how such a "small organism", if you will, can at the same time be so powerful that it brings the world to a halt. How fragile we humans are. But we are Americans and I know we will band together in brotherhood to bring this crisis to an end.

Prayers to the all of the world who have been so negatively affected by V9. We are indeed in this battle together. It is nice to see all sides of the Washington D.C. crowd actually talking to each other and working together (mostly) to help Americans.

As you know, all ADOBE meetings and the Spring Picnic have been cancelled until further notice. Hopefully by the fall of this year we will be back on line and ready to go with our October Meeting.

Please know that the ADOBE Board and ADOBE Committees never stop working, and thus we work all summer to ensure our mission is on target and complete.

Regrettably, another Group has started up in Gold Canyon who are trying to perform the same tasks and address the same issues as ADOBE. ADOBE is on top of this matter and we hope to resolve this issue in an amicable manner sometime after the stop down has been lifted; hopefully before the fall of 2020. To assist in this process, we are meeting with a State/Federal Agency representative who has been brought into the issue. We are well aware that anyone is allowed to create whatever group they desire, and we support that human American right. However when the Group attempts to do the exact same thing as a Group that has been performing with excellence since 1988 throughout 2020, and projected beyond into the depths of the 21 Century - that is, ADOBE - that type of setup can only lead to confusion and failure. We need to work together as a Team in our efforts to do the best we can for our beloved Gold Canyon Region. Quite frankly, may it be known - ADOBE will accomplish that task and mission here, now evermore.

Have a wonderful summer 2020 - the best you can under current conditions. Be safe, protect yourself and your loved ones, and we will meet again in a few months to continue our work for the all of the Gold Canyon Region.

If you have any needs/questions, please contact ADOBE at adobegoldcanyon@gmail.com. Please keep in contact through our web page - adobegoldcanyon.org.

Blessings and Peace to All-------------------ADOBE President Glenn A. Walp