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Board of Directors & President's Monthly Newsletter

  “Our greatness weakness is giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” 
  Thomas Edison

  When I was Membership Chairperson for ADOBE, an individual at my church home asked me, “What happened to the Gold Canyon Bypass?” At that time I had no idea what he was talking about, since I was not a member of ADOBE when the topic was originally addressed by ADOBE in 1996. Doing some quick research I learned that the Gold Canyon Bypass (GC Bypass) was still in Pinal County Records Active File. Within that same time frame a Pinal County official attempted to convince me that the Bypass was trashed. He stated further that a six-lane highway was going to be constructed through the center of Gold Canyon replacing the Bypass concept. Thus, Glenn, “forget about it.” Little did this official know that these are the types of phrases that “spur me forward.”  

  After some more digging – with increased zestful passion - I determined that the words of the County Official were untruths. The GC Bypass plan was alive and well. It was also uncovered that the federal government, the State of AZ, and the AZ Governor had approved movement on the Bypass around 2003. As a result of these 2003 approvals, it ultimately led to the 2012 approval (the federal government and the State of AZ) of the GC Bypass Engineering Study and GC Bypass Environmental Impact Statement. The State of Arizona spent a significant amount of tax dollars on the Engineering Study and the federal Environmental Impact Statement. This meant that ADOT was told - in 2012 - they had the green light to begin construction on the GC Bypass, consistent with their Five Year Plan.

  Regrettably, someone in ADOT, at some point, failed to follow-up on the construction. Consequently, the GC Bypass plan was put On Hold and placed in Pinal County and ADOT deep-six files; still active – but buried. 

  In the meantime I became interim ADOBE President, during which time I assigned - August 2018 - an ADOBE Roads Committee. The mission of the committee is to address the GC Bypass, as well as any other Gold Canyon roads issue. Right now the focus is on the GC Bypass project, but there are other roads in Gold Canyon that need to be addressed and the Roads Committee plans to handle them in early 2020.

  Assigned to the ADOBE Roads Committee were: Duane Bricker; Bunny Butler; Don Daugherty (Co-Chair); and Ron Harris (Co-Chair); and Lynda Halloran. The ADOBE President is automatically assigned as a member to any formed ADOBE Committee.  

  Kudos are gratefully extended to the citizens of Gold Canyon for their never-ending, ever-growing, and indefatigable support for the GC Bypass effort. Special accolades are extended to the ADOBE Roads Committee Members and the ADOBE Board Members for their boundless support in attending meetings, making presentations, collecting signatures, authoring articles, researching, drawing descriptive maps, ideas, concepts, travels, and a host of other volunteer work too numerous to mention – thank you one and all. 

  In the near future I will be assigning more ADOBE Committees to address multiple issues that are, or will be facing our community. To start, the next three committees will be: (1) Dinosaur Park Committee – in preparation for the County to take over the Park in January, 2021; (2) Planning and Zoning Committee and; (3) Legislative Liaison Committee. If you are interested in becoming a part of one of these new committees, please let me know (480-982-2316). I will also be making remarks on these projected committees at our 2020, ADOBE Membership Meetings.

  The ADOBE January Membership Meeting will be held on January 16, 2020, at the Gold Canyon Best Western Hotel. Social time begins at 6:15pm, and the meeting will start at 7pm. The January presenters will be the aforementioned ADOBE Roads Committee – Lynda, Bunny, Duane, Don and Ron. The Roads Committee will be giving an update on all matters related to the GC Bypass. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

  Indeed, Thomas Edison was right – “Our greatest weakness is giving up.” At times the Roads Committee was misdirected, and ran into governmental walls. Notwithstanding the misdirection and walls, the Roads Committee chucked and moved on. The individuals misdirecting and building the walls were apparently unaware that the Roads Committee will never give up; never falter; that they are citizens of 21st century leadership; and members of the team. The Roads Committee will never stop until victory is attained, which means “dirt flying” on the GC Bypass, and they will do it with patience, virtue, and by never giving up. 

  Glenn A. Walp
  ADOBE – “The Only Voice of Gold Canyon since 1988”