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ADOBE was created in 1989 to oversee and implement the orderly growth of the Gold Canyon area. ADOBE gathers and disseminates information and data to the membership concerning any public, private, governmental, commercial, or developmental activities that may affect the character and/or environment of the community, and then serves as a conduit between these entities. The association may initiate, endorse, or oppose issues that may affect the community, and when appropriate, establish, appoint, or commission the formation of citizen action and/or study groups.

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The February ADOBE Membership Meeting presentation will thrill all attendees, especially police enthusiasts. Unlike television which shows CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) as miracle workers solving the most complex crimes in minutes, this presentation will show you how it is really done. A CSI Unit surely helps solve crimes, but it is a methodical and time consuming process. Ms. Stephanie Bourgeous, the CSI for the Apache Junction Police Department will show you the truth and facts of the CSI procedure. This show and tell will include topics such as fingerprints, DNA, photography, blood splatters, hairs and fibers, evidence collection, chain of custody, and the like. This will be CSI up-close and personal; there will be a Q&A.

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- That local citizens should be responsive to their own needs by allowing them to maintain local standards and controls, and that grass roots involvement best reflects established local values.
- Planned, quality development will enhance property values, lifestyle, and security.
- Property owners have the right to do with their land that which is in the law, in conjunction with local ordinances, and state and federal laws that preserve the health, safety and welfare of the public.
- Quality commercial development – which is essential to orderly growth and controlled and logical taxation – will ensure commercial developers are attracted to the community while keeping in compliance with established local standards of development.

Mission Statement  
The purpose of A.D.O.B.E. is to gather and disseminate to its membership information
pertaining to any public, private, government, commercial or developmental activities that
may affect the present or future character or environment of the community, and
to serve as a conduit between these entities and the membership

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